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Food Safety Month!

09. 16. 2021

September is national food safety month. Being food safety month, I would like to tell you what Rachel’s Mediterranean Grill is doing to set and maintain high food safety and sanitation standards. ServSafe training for managers is classroom coursework that gives managers the knowledge and tools they need to maintain a clean and sanitary kitchen, service area, and restaurant environment. Managers must pass a written exam to receive their official certification. Rachel’s has had their higher-level managers, and many of their restaurant managers trained and certified in ServSafe. In addition to the proper certified training, the cleanliness standards held by each location are strictly enforced within the quality control department as well.

Rachel’s commitment to food safety and sanitation is evident. At Rachel’s, managing the proper flow of food from purchasing, receiving, storage, preparation, cooking, and holding to service is a high priority. Our staff is well trained to ensure that proper procedures are followed and supervised. Rachel’s has always done very well with the department of health and safety inspections. Rachels follows recommended cleaning and sanitizing procedures as outlined by ServSafe protocols. Cleaning and sanitizing are prioritized throughout the workday. In addition, Rachel’s has off-hour cleaning to deep clean and sanitize all kitchen and restaurant areas. When the Covid pandemic hit, Rachel’s management quickly changed to a chemical sanitizer that kills COVID-19.

When you eat at Rachel’s, you can be confident that the proper food handling and food safety procedures are followed. Not only will you enjoy a delicious healthy meal at Rachel’s, but you will also feel safe that you are in a clean and sanitary environment.

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Article Written By: Brenda DiMillo, Nutritionist