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Best Family-Owned Business 2021

07. 26. 2021

Amherst Chamber of Commerce – Small Business Awards Luncheon and Showcase

On Thursday, July 22nd, The Amherst Chamber of Commerce put together a Small Business Showcase which consisted of a fantastic lunch and award ceremony presenting six different awards to six local small businesses.  Mark Gaulin, Amherst Chamber of Commerce Chairman, stated “The past eighteen months have proven difficult for all of us, professionally and personally. As we continue to push forward, this is the time to reflect on the challenges and adversity we all faced, and there is no better event than the Small Business Awards Luncheon and Showcase to do that.”  

Rachel’s Mediterranean Grill was honored to receive the Family Owned Business Award from the Amherst Chamber of Commerce including multiple recognitions from Edward A. Rath III, New York Senator, Karen M. McMahon from the New York State Assembly, The US Congress House of Representatives, and Town Board of The Town of Amherst. 

At Rachel’s Mediterranean Grill, we take pride in the ingredients we source and carefully handpick our vendors based on their quality. Health is our main priority, all of our ingredients are natural, organic, free of antibiotics, and locally sourced to ensure fresh, safe, and delicious consumption. We would like to thank everyone on our team for all of their hard work and dedication to grow this company. We’re so grateful to have such a strong team that puts passion into serving their community and giving every customer a great experience. This is just the beginning and we’re so excited for you to be on this journey with us.


Thank you again to the Amherst Chamber of Commerce. Congress of the United States – House of Representatives, The Town Board of the Town of Amherst, Karen M. McMahon from the New York State Assembly, and New York State Senator, Edward A. Rath III for the award and recognition from this showcase.